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Review Talks Lecture Courses

Gabriela Gonzalez
Luisiana State University

Luis Felipe Rodriguez
Centro de Radiastronomia y Astrofisica -UNAM

Jose Valdes
Instituto de Geofisica - UNAM

Vladimir Avila
Instituto de Astronomia - UNAM

Alberto Carramiñana
Instituto Nacional de Astrofisica Optica y Electronica

Lukas Nellen
Intituto de Ciencias Nucleares - UNAM

Gamma Ray Bursts:
Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz - Princeton University

Square Kilometer Array (SKA):
Jim Cordes - Cornell University

Supernovae Explosions and Nucleosynthesis:
Karlheinz Langanke - Aarhus University

Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays:
Gustavo Medina Tanco - Universidade de Sao Paulo

Solar Activity:
Yasushi Muraki, University of Nagoya

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Venue and Accommodation

About Morelia

Since 1997 we have organized the "Mexican School of Astrophysics" every two or three years. The main goal of these schools is to discuss and exchange current ideas in astrophysics in a pedagogical manner. Traditionally, we have invited world leaders in specific topics, we can mention D. Schramm, F. K. Thielemann, M. Guidry, M. Prakash, P. Vogel, M. Wiescher, T. Gaisser, G. Senjanovic, D. Mullan, K. H. Raedler, Ali Alpar, W. Kluzniak, Moshe Gai, T. Weekes, E. Roulet, G. Sigl, R. Schwenn, A, Watson, J. Learned, C. Frenk, I. Grenier among others.

The aim of the Fourth Mexican School of Astrophysics or EMA05 (Escuela Mexicana de Astrofísica) is therefore to present different topics on astrophysics, including their most recent theoretical results and the way in which these approaches attempt to get closer to experimental predictions. In addition, during the school we would like to discuss fundamental issues which are still open, such as problems on Gravitoastronomy, Dark Matter, Nuclear Astrophysics, Pulsars, etc.

The scientific program will include several courses and plenary talks, and a number of short invited talks. There will also be time for some parallel talks of 20 minutes each. There will be room available for posters throughout the week. The detailed program can be found here.


Organizing Committee

Tonatiuh Matos (CINVESTAV) Chair
Vladimir Avila-Reese (IA-UNAM)
Ricardo Becerril (IFM-UMSNH)
Alberto Carramiñana (INAOE)
Jose Socorro Garcia Diaz (IFUG)
Efraín R. Chávez Lomelí (IF-UNAM)
Jorge Hirsch (ICN-UNAM)
Lukas Nellen (ICN-UNAM)
Dany Page (IA-UNAM)
Luis Felipe Rodriguez (CRyA-UNAM)
José Valdes (IGeoF-UNAM)
Arnulfo Zepeda (AUGER and CINVESTAV)

Diseño: Itzel Alvarez