2006 Spring School on Numerical Methods in Gravitation and Astrophysics

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A nice introduction to numerical methods for relativistic hydrodynamics can be found in the introductory sections of these thesis

Computational Ultrarelativistic Hydrodynamics by Ian Hawke (compressed Postscript). It includes the spectral decomposition for the Roe solver in special relativity.

Extremely Relativistic Fluids in Strong-Field Gravity by David W Neilsen (compressed Postscript)

A Numerical Study of Relativistic Fluid Collapse by Scott C Noble (compressed Postscript)

Each provides a bit different perspective on the topics covered in the lecture notes and contains much more details and additional information.

The relativity.livingreviews.org is a good source of information on topics in relativity. These articles are particularly relevant to numerical relativistic hydrodynamics:

Numerical Hydrodynamics in Special Relativity It includes the spectral decomposition for the Roe solver in general relativity.

Numerical Hydrodynamics in General Relativity

An efficient method for finding the exact solutions of the relativistic Riemann problem is described in:

An Improved Exact Riemann Solver for Relativistic Hydrodynamics

An Improved Exact Riemann Solver for Multidimensional Relativistic Flows

Recent papers on numerical relativistic hydrodynamics

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last updated: March 12, 2006